Felco Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Felco Container Tanker deliver weight savings of as much as 30% over conventional designs and that's a huge increase in payloads and money in your pocket.

Couple that with a much longer investment life because composite fibre tanks are more chemically resistant and wont split or crack, especially under demanding applications (heavy, dense or acidic products) and you have a real winner.

Felco manufacture container tanker from 5,000 to 20,000 litres capacity and can be configured to your exact requirements. Tanks are usually housed in frames to the standard 20' container Tanker spacing however they can be tailored in length for your application.

A wide range of plumbing options from 3" to 6" is offered as are meters and pump modules. Pumps can be located, either on separate container tanker frames or attached to the host tank container frame.

Multi size forklift pockets are standard with all frames and are being supplied to Rail or Road contractors across Australia and Internationally.