Felco Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Auscott for fire control at Cotton Gins. Water Canon Pumping hardware Qld Rail 16,000 litre bulk fire control application. Multiple hose reels plus bulk transfer pumping equipment. Qld Rural Fire...Bulk tanker replenishing rapid response unit. Qld Rural Fire...ready for delivery. Qld Rural Fire...on site north of Yeppoon Qld Rural Fire...on site north of Yeppoon 5000 litre Tank Medium Response Fire-fighter vehicle 3000 lt slide-in firefighter

Felco: Firefighter truck Manufacturers, Sales, Preparation and Fire Trucks Ambulances. Firefighter Truck is Supply for Fire Fighting Services.

When it comes to fire fighting the 'Felco Bulk Firefighter Truck' is your heavy response unit. It gives extreme capabilities to your efforts.

By Firefighter Truck bulk loading your smaller and medium response units you extend the smaller rapid response units range and reach exponentially. Now they can fight fires rather than running away from the fire front to get water.

In many cases these units are also equipped with firefighter truck apparatus such as foam injection and water canons and manual hose reels.

By adding fan sprays they can add even more value to your operation as a dust suppression road sprayer.