Felco Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Truck & Dog Combination for Rockhampton Council.

Rockhampton Regional Council had already been aware of the benefits the Felco low tare tanker delivers. A tipper mounted unit has been a valuable part of the fleet for many years and it came time to add additional capacity Felco was first on their call list.

Flexibility is so important when it comes to maximised return on ratepayers funds. This combination means that we can use the truck on its own... or hook up the dog and achieve the productivity of a semi-trailer unit.  As the liquid can be transferred from the dog to the truck or vica versa we can unload the 17,000 litre trailer first keeping the weight on the drive... and then transfer the 12,000 litres to the trailer. This sort of flexibility is so convenient for the operator and safer on site as well.

























posted by Neil - 2010-07-22