Felco Manufacturing Pty Ltd
WDRC - Operation Road Restore.

Ok so you’re charged with delivering the largest road works project the Western Downs Regional Council has ever seen… dubbed Operation Road Restore it’s the equivalent of a marathon 30 year road works program to be completed in just 19 months!

You’re going to need some good men… and some even better gear… especially water trucks!

That tired old steel tanker weighing in at a bloated 10 tonnes isn’t going to help your case if you can carry another 3000 litres each trip in a Felco Super Semi Tanker… and do it so much faster and with surgeon like precision. Water on the job means the whole team can be more productive! No waiting for the water truck to get back.

The order was placed and the unit was delivered and the wow factor was obvious!

Yes up to 30,000 litres capacity in one load that can be sucked aboard in around 12 minutes by the unique Southern Cross Pump. Being a new hybrid technology it has characteristics of a volume pump but with no trade-offs in the pressure stakes as you can see here. Quick on… quick off… quick cycling!

The operator who has had decades of water truck experience noted that it loaded as quickly from a creek as it did from a standpipe!

His raving endorsement carried over to his positive feelings about the in cab controls… especially the variable speed hydraulic motor and pump… and the rearward looking camera.

This is the easiest and smoothest water truck I have ever operated he said!

So if that’s the sort of results you need you owe it to yourself to call Felco now. You’ll be really glad you did!


posted by Neil - 2015-03-05