Felco Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Truck and Superdog for Central Highlands Regional

That video clip clearly show the rig working.

With 30,000 litres in 3 tanks, the Truck and SuperDog is the latest solution to take the road watering task to a whole new level.

Roads are the conduit for our social connectivity... but more importantly, the pipelines for our productivity.

The experience clearly shows that water is the 'x' factor that allows the material to bind and compact so that it last longer even under very demanding conditions. Water is scarce and waste is unforgivable in the bush so anything that will efficiently carry water to the road construction site and apply it in the right volumes will leverage the local councils works budget... and precious water supplies!

Recently Felco delivered a truck and Superdog combo to Central Highlands Regional Council in Emerald. The Rig is described by the operator, Mike Martin, as the ultimate in flexibility.

On narrow roads, Mike said, they unhook the Superdog and use ti to refill the truck saving around 45 minutes to an hour on each cycle. This effectively eliminates two thirds of the travel time and truck wear and tear  wasted in travelling to the water and back.

It also means that the grader and rollers are not wasting time waiting for water. Productivity is fully realised.

Mike also said that the rig was easy to use and very safe and comfortable... and with years of experience behind him he would know.


posted by Neil. - 2015-10-23