Felco Manufacturing Pty Ltd
3000 Litre Multi Purpose Shuttle Tanks. 4,500 Litre 'On Farm' Mixing Rig. Chemical Tanks for Pest Control Contractors. Tanks for Pest Control Contractors. Variety of sizes and shapes. Specialised tanks for Motor Homes.

Other Products

Felco has demonstrated a strong and consistent ability to take a raw idea and turn it into a marketable product.

They can build to your specifications and design... and offer innovative solutions to sometimes simple but often very complex design criteria.

The options are endless.

Fibreglass products can be expertly moulded into any shape, giving you flexibility in design... and a product which can be adapted to suit your needs.

One specialty is tanks for professionals such as pest control operators.

So why not let Felco take that nagging creative urge and turn it into dollars in your pocket.