Felco Manufacturing Pty Ltd
14 year old tank in a new galvanised frame.
'One Pass' road watering... Absolutley!
Prime Mover or dolley applications.
Pumps that deliver volume and pressure.
'Quick Connect' couplings for easy changeover.
'Slide In' Unit for 'Super Dog' at Georgetown.
Tandem 'Semi' road sprayer for Victoria.
Tanker capacity matched to the tipper size.
Top pressure sprays.
Training on new road watering unit for Greenmount area.
Truck and 'Super Dog' combination for Gracemere area.
Low Profile 'Slide In' units.
Low profile and easy creek suction.
6000 Litres 'Slide In' tanker for Gracemere area.
17,000 litres for "tight' areas access!
Check out the height against the old steel tanker behind it.
'Dog' trailer for road works or dust suppression.
Dust suppression 'On Demand'.
Easy creek suction.
Fleet Units - single and 'Super Dogs'.
Quick change front, rear and side spray options.
Gravity feed option.
'In Cab' controls and rear camera.
Check out the options here.
Fuso '8 Wheeler' for the Yepoon area.
12,500 litres road watering tanker for Springsure area.
16,000 litres for road watering around Duaringa.
Check out the suction.
Load and balance for correct axle weight.
Quality electronics over pneumatics.
All stainless steel plumbing for long Life.
Stainless steel lower pressure and gravity sprays.
Stainless steel spray bar.
Sealed and lockable control cabinets.
'In Cab' controller with hydraulic pump variable speed controller.
Stainless steel plumbing
Quality accesories and reversing camera.
Pivotting spray bar.
Rear camera and 'In Cab' controls.
Air operated hatch.
'In Cab' controlled 'Auto Cannon'.
Hydraulic pump.
Hose reel.
'Hot Dipped' galvanised frames.
Air hatch controls.
Variable speed hydraulic pump controller.
Hino water truck
Spring mounted for 'Chassis Tankers'.
Road watering tanker with 'Full Mine Spec'.
Rear pivot on 'Chassis Mounted Tanker'.
Stainless steel plumbing for long life.
Hydraulic cooling for road watering tankers.
Dust supression in Gympie quarry.
Quality plumbing on all rigs.
More Water means more 'Productivity' - And with a big crew thats HUGE savings!
Banana Shire have two 16,000 Litre '8 Wheelers' and are amazed at the improved productivity.
Our success stories

The Challenge

Rockhampton Regional Council needed a solution that allowed maximum water to the job site. When the water truck is away on a fill cycle the road reclaimer and other expensive plant is stopped. They needed a solution with greater capacity that was able to allow the whole team to work more productively. Obviously here, as in many other oplaces, cycle times were long due to the distances to reliable surface water.

Our Solution

Felco developed a truck and dog combination that carries 30,000 litres. Water can be transferred from the truck to the dog or back on the move and this allows the operator to keep weight over the drive at all times. Both are individually plumbed so that either can be used independantly... or as a combination. In tight situations obviously the dog is removed allowing greater monouverability.

The Result

The unit is working well and suits the application well.

The Challenge

Southern Downs Regional Council already had numerous Felco Tankers but with the Council amalgamation, additional units were needed.


Our Solution

Consistant with their units, Felco supplied a Tipper Slide in unit with 2 pumps, one for the sprays and a second hose reel for firefighting. This is a 6000 litre unit.

The Result

Southern Downs Regional Council have many Felco units and they continue to source them because they work.

If you are looking for a road watering tanker solution that outlasts the trucks they are fitted to… and carries more each load, then the Felco solution is for you!

Councils and civil contractors appreciate the fact that Felco Road Watering Tankers are computer designed in order to achieve exacting weight distribution… and baffling for maximised productivity.

Available in chassis mount or 'slide in' tipper versions, there is a combination to suit every application.

Frames and pipe-work are ?hot dip? galvanised to match the incredible lifespan of the fibreglass tankers… and you can have the perfect match of petrol, diesel or hydraulic drive pumps.

State of the art ?in cab? controls along with reversing cameras are all available.

So for a low tare road watering solution that carries more water and therefore maximises productivity of a whole work crew…. for a tanker that exceeds all programmed maintenance requirements, you simply must go with the Felco Road Watering Tanker.

Happily Felco have never failed to develop a solution that exceeds any reasonable specification!