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The Challenge

The owner needed a light durable tank that would handle corrosive chemicals and maximise times between refils. It also had to be able to withstand the elments over the longest time.

Our Solution

Felco developed a Saddle Tank solution that carried 1035 litres each side without upsetting the tractors weight and balances and tyre life.


The tanks are dive in, drive out and can be quickly and easily removed to allow the tractor to perform more operations.

The Result

The unit has been in the field since 2005 without problems.

Felco Tractor Tanks

Felco tanks had achieved incredible results for progressive farmers on almost all brands and types of tractors for over 25 years however the poor seasons and low commodity prices forced a shift from agriculture to road transport in the mid 2000’s.

If you’re looking for tractor tanks pre 2005 Felco could well have a tank and tank frame to suit your tractor and some tanks can be fitted to tractors later than that however you will need to source your own frame and mounting systems to interface the tanks to your tractor.

So if you are looking for a low tare, high payload nose, saddle and rear mount tank that is fully chemical and UV resistant for longest service life for tractors pre 2005 (John Deere’s - pre 2008), please give us a call.