Whats the advantage of Felco Dense Liquid Tankers?

Felco's bulk tankers provide tailored solutions for most (non DG) chemicals and dense liquids such as molasses and liquid fertiliser applications. Available in rigid chassis, semi trailer and containerised ‘skel’ combinations from 2 to 12 (or more) axles, there is a wide range of capacities and sizes and all with the following features.
Features & Benefits include:
  • Single or multiple compartments, fully baffled, for stability even with the densest products.
  • All semi-trailers are available in any axle configuration 
  • From 5000 to 64000 litre or more (B-double/triple configurations)
  • Durable composite fibre construction so the tank will outlast the truck
  • Booth Air-rail system for operator safety
  • Access ladders front and rear
  • Drop sump outlet for 100% compartment self drainage - all compartments
  • Heavy duty manifold systems (corrosion proof) for long life.
  • 3 inch to 8 inch plumbing available

    Felco manufacturing deliver the ultimate liquid tanker solution, even for those heavy dense and corrosive liquids. Ask us how we can drive more value to your bottom line.

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