Whats the advantage of Felco Potable Water Tankers:

Low maintenance, durability and low tare are the key drivers for the Felco potable water trucks and tankers. Indeed many tankers have endured and outlived the trucks they were first fitted on... some on their second and even third truck delivering an incredible Return On Investment.
  • Because fibre composite tankers do not 'work harden' as they flex over road transitions with dynamic internal 'load up and unload' ratings, they don't tend to crack and leak as often, even under more extreme conditions.
  • Being lighter than almost all other tankers, you get to carry more  water and obviously that means more payload for your customers... and more profit for you!
  • The interior surface of a Felco 'Potable Water' Tanker is a council approved, food grade lining applied over a very rugged composite fibre shell… the outside being a vibrant gel coat that really enhances your image as the preferred supplier of clean drinking water.
  • Stainless steel pipe work and a wide range of pump and control options gives you the exact combination you need to deliver more for less.
  • Being impervious to sunlight, Felco tankers do not 'grow' unsightly and unhealthy fungus that would endanger your reputation as a supplier of clean potable water.

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