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Standard Container Lock Configuration



  • Potable water with food grade interior lining
  • Diesel fuel transport and storage 
  • Chemical transport & storage
  • Molasses transport & Storage
Optional add on's:

  • Water, diesel and dense liquid pumps
    • Petrol, Diesel and hydraulic drive.
  • Metering units ​
  • Stainless Steel manifolds, inlet & outlet plumbing​
  • Stainless Steel breathers and hatches
  • Fully baffled with manholes
  • Ladders and 3 point safety grab rails
  • Warning stickers and your choice of signage
  • Lift points and chaining hooks
  • 2 Pack Paint or Hot Dip Galvanised Finish

Flat Bed Chain Down Configuration

Diesel Fuel Pod - Trailer or slab mount

The Flexible Road, Rail & Shipping Bulk Liquid Tanker Solution

Felco's Skel Container Lock Pods allow the astute operators to extend the reach and capacity of their operations because they are infinitely scalable during growth cycles... but are easily divested in contractions... but all the time optimising the usage of vital prime movers, rolling stock and  manpower. 
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