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What's the advantage of Felco 'Fire Retardant' Tankers

and OEM Tanks?

The strategic 'mother ship' bulk water tanker to resupply front line tenders is a key application of the Felco Fire Retardant tanks. Those same tanks being supplied too many 'OEM Fire Truck Manufacturers' for lower tare and maximised payload of the most precious water to the fire ground. And as they don't work harden and crack... or corrode and leak, they remain in service for a longer service life.
The 'Mother Ship' bulk tankers provide tailored solutions and are available in rigid chassis, semi trailer and containerised ‘skel’ combinations from 2 to 12 (or more) axles. 

By bringing the water nearer the fireground and 'down force' loading your smaller and medium response units you extend the their range and reach exponentially. Now they can fight fires rather than running away from the fire front to get water all the time.

In many cases these units are also equipped with firefighter truck apparatus such as foam injection and water canons and manual hose reels as last resort safety measures and ultimate protection in the event of the firefront unexpectedly changing direction.

And by adding fan sprays to these moterhships, they can add even more value to your operation as a dust suppression road sprayer when not required for firefighting.

Features & Benefits include:
  • Single or multiple compartments, fully baffled, for stability in typical firefighting conditions
  • All semi-trailers are available in any axle configuration - 2 to 12 (or more) axles.
  • From 1000 (OEM Tanks) to5,000 to 64000 litre or more (B-double/triple configurations),
  • Durable composite fibre construction so the tank will outlast the truck even under the harshest conditions typical with firefighting operations.
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