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Slide In Road Watering Tankers for Tip Truck Availability
Safety Beacons and High Definition Cameras for Safety
Remote Location is our Specialty
Banana Shire keeping their teams fully occupied
Road Reclaimer Uptime is Maximised
So what have we missed?
High Capacity Pumps for Multiple Fan Spray Operation
Nothing like a happy team
Everything at the tip of your fingers
8 Wheeler - 16,000 Litre Capacity with Independant Pumping System
Send it anywhere until it gets giddy
Dust Suppression in Civil Works
Western Downs Regional Council -Bulk Road Watering Tanker also used for Fire Fighting Re Supply
Bulk Potable Water Tanker for Remote Camp and Town Re-Supply
Civil Contractors Love Felco Tankers
Water Application is Critical To Good Road Team
Something a Little Different
Tim and Felco Team are Hands On
Truck and Super Dog Combination - 24,000 litres. Fill/Spray/Transfer any direction
Creek Suction for remote Location Water Sourcing
For better roads... just add water!

Whats the advantage of Felco Road Watering Tankers:

For a road watering tanker solution that outlasts the trucks they are fitted to… and carries more each load, then the Felco solution is for you!
Councils and civil contractors appreciate the fact that Felco Road Watering Tankers are computer designed in order to achieve exacting weight distribution… and baffling for maximised safety, load stability and team productivity. This is a low tare, road watering tanker that carries more water and therefore maximises productivity of your whole work crew. 
Available in chassis mount for any rigid chassis or semi trailer combination,  or 'slide in' tipper versions and even ‘Skel’ Tankers, there is a Felco Road Watering solution to precisely suit your application.
  • Computer designed for optimum weight and balance for compliance and safety.
  • Fully baffled to stabilise fluid loads under very punishing operating conditions.
  • Any truck/trailer configuration from 2 to 12 (or more) axles.
  • Slide in version for tip trucks.
  • Frames are ‘hot dip’ galvanised to add value to the extended lifespan of the fibreglass tanks.
  • All pipework/plumbing is stainless steel for longer life.
  • Optimum matchup of petrol, diesel or hydraulic drive pumps.
  • State of the art ‘in cab’ controls along with a wide range of sensors and and safety equipment like reversing cameras are all available.

    Felco have never failed to develop a winning solution that exceeds any reasonable specification so why not put us to the challenge?
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